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Super Star Sport West London provide a well rounded and affordable holiday camp programme for children aged 4.5-7year olds in our Shooting Stars and 7-11 year old's in our All Stars Camp. These camps involve lots of different sports activities and games suitable for their age group with an emphasis on social skills, co-ordination and movement. Our camps run every school half term and holiday providing lots of opportunities for your children to stay fit, active and make new friends. We look forward to seeing you at one of our camp locations across West London. For more information and how to book please see below.


At Super Star Sport West London, our Holiday camps provide a variety of activities to keep children of all ages entertained. Whether your child is sporty or creative, or love to spend time with their friends at camp, our fantastic team prides itself on ensuring everyone feels part of the action and gets the most out of their time with us whilst at camp!


We tailor our activity timetables to ensure that we have something for everyone, keeping children engaged, active and happy whilst also discovering new interests and hobbies. You can see an example timetable for your child's age group below. 

We have created a camp guide for parents who are new to our holiday camps which has lots more information about what happens at camp. If you have any other questions then please take a look at our FAQ's that are most commonly asked questions by parents about our camps. If you have any further questions about our holiday camps then please contact us HERE.

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Shooting Stars

Aged 4.5 – 6 years old


Their Adventure Begins!


We thrive to provide every child with an amazing experience when they attend a Super Star Sport camp. For the Shooting Stars, we have age-appropriate activity options so that they can enjoy maximum fun whilst keeping safe.


To ensure a smooth transition on your child’s first day of camp, we will send you a across a form to be filled out to allow us to prove the best possible care for them. Tell us if your child is nervous, needs help at lunchtimes, struggles with eating certain foods along with anything else relevant for your child’s care. We aim to provide daily feedback to you upon collection to help support your child throughout their time with us at camp.


We have a visual timetable with pictures and words so that your child can easily see what activities they will be taking part in throughout the day. They will be able to experience many of the activities the older children do, with slight amendments and different equipment to make it easier. Our Shooting Stars groups have their own special base rooms with lots of additional equipment for their creative young minds including a variety of construction and STEM activities.


Don’t worry if your child can’t remember all the fun activities they’ve done each day, our daily timetable will be clearly displayed in the registration area. For those children where consent has been given, we also aim to take photos throughout the day so that you can see your child in action in all the activities they complete at camp!

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Example Timetable
Example Timetable


Aged 7 – 11 years old


Their Adventure Continues!


Our All Stars group will love all that is on offer at our Super Star Sports camps. Our fantastic team of coaches will support and guide them as they develop skills and independence whilst they’re with us. With increasing confidence, ability and individuality, they will have lots of opportunities to grow.


Once your child is old enough to join our All Stars group, it really is a fantastic age for your child to be attending our camps. They will already have all the enthusiasm of the Shooting Stars group but will now have developed longer attention spans meaning that sessions with this group can be longer and more competitive. We put a strong emphasis and awareness on teamwork and individual development through focusing on the core skills and techniques required to excel within certain activities.


Although at this age, children like to come across cool and relaxed, the fact is they are full of energy and raring to go to try something new and meet new people. Our energetic and enthusiastic team are here to help harness your children’s energy to further develop their confidence and social development.


Whilst we encourage more independence with this age group, we will always ensure that our staff will still deliver and maintain the highest standard of childcare ensuring each individual child’s welfare Is kept a priority with regular reminders of hygiene routines, healthy eating and keeping hydrated.

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These camps are great opportunity for your child to discover new sports and learn all the skills and techniques required to excel in them. With sports such as dodgeball, basketball, football, dance and gymnastics we have an activity for everyone!


Throughout the week, we run set arts and crafts workshops in line with the themes of the camps. For example, at our Christmas camps we create tree decorations out of clay which are then taken home and displayed on your Christmas tree for friends and family to see.


These workshops are great fun and provide the opportunity for your child to get creative with the freedom to create and design using their own imaginations.


At the end of the week at our Multi-Sport Activity camps we host an award ceremony with prizes given out to all children that have attended.



These camps are specifically aimed for children that have a strong passion in football and want to take the next step in their journey.  Whether your child is new to the sport or plays regularly for a team we have activities and games for all ability levels. Our Football World Cup Camps provide an opportunity for your child to learn and develop new skills with coaches focusing on both the physical and technical aspects of the game.


If you sign your child up to one of our Football World Cup Camps, they can expect lots of matches, lots of tournaments and lots of fun!


At the end of the week at our Football World Cup Camps we host an award ceremony with prizes given out to all children that have attended with additional individual awards given out to ‘Players of the Week’, ‘Goal of the Week’ and ‘Penalty Shoot-out Winners’.


Our Theme Days are a great excuse for everyone to get involved in some unique games and activities linked to specific themes everyone loves! Our themes are set well in advance of the camp running so don’t worry your children will have plenty of time to get excited!


Throughout your child’s time at one of our themed camps, they will not only be taking part all the amazing, fun sports we have to offer but they will also be able to take part in a variety of themed based sessions throughout the week. On the last day of camp, we invite children and staff to get creative and wear something to match our camp’s theme for our ‘Disco Party’, these can be as subtle or crazy as you like!


Please don’t feel as though you must go out and spend lots of money, we will provide a variety of props that the children will be able to use throughout the day to ensure that everyone feels involved. It is just an opportunity for us to see the creativity and imagination that comes from your children as they look to get involved in our Theme Days.

Theme Days that we have ran previously that have been a huge success!

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Superhero camp

Disney Characters


Easter Hunt


Animals Week

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Film and Video Games Characters


World Cup Camp


Table Tennis Competition for All Stars

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Floor is lava Shooting Stars Group

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PHOTO-2021-12-30-16-14-35 (7)

Pumpkin Carving at Halloween Camp

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Table Tennis Competition for All Stars

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My child loved his summer camp….in fact he said he his missing his sports teachers on the weekend, as the teachers were so friendly and fun 🤩


Trustpilot Review

Excellent camp, my son loves going and always comes back happy and tired.

Alistair Hargreaves

Trustpilot Review

Kids have attended Heathrow Super Star Sport on several occasions and it is the only camp that they absolutely love. The staff are lovely and the kids always have positive things to say about them, in particular Annie, Chris & Chaz. My kids tell me the camp days are very organised and the games are always good fun.


Trustpilot Review