5 ways our Sports Sessions are COVID Secure


These extra precautions will apply to ALL our hoilday camps and weekend sessions

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1. Bubble Groups

Super Star Sport are implementing bubble groups at all of our camps with up to 15 children in a single bubble group 

With only two bubble groups available this means there is lots of space for everyone at camp to social distance (where possible) and allows us to maintain cleaning and hygiene practises. 

2. Washing Hands after Each Activity

Careful hand hygiene is know to be the best combatant for COVID 19 which is why aty Super Star Sport camps after each activity and before and after each food break hands will need to be cleaned properly for at least 20 seconds. We will be placing posters around the site to help remind the children how to wash our hands correctly

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3. Social Distancing

Where possible we are encouraging all the children where possible to distance 1 metre + rule following the latest guidance from the government.


Although you are not required to distance in your bubble groups a lot of our favourite games have been slightly adapted to follow this guidance

4. Schedules Pick Up & Drop Off Times

To help ensure the safety of not only the children but the parents who bring their children to camp we have specific drop off and collection points as well as a one way system to avoid contact with others.


As well as this to limit queuing upon collection and drop off we will issue you a time slot to prevent any congestion building at the site.

We are encouraging all parents to walk or cycle to camp as this is not only a healthy way to travel but avoids contact with others.

Please try to avoid using public transport if at all possible.


5. Cleaning

At all of our camps we will be increasing the amount of cleaning done each day as well as extra cleaning of frequently touched surfaces or items.

Between each group completing an activity all of the equipment touched by that bubble group will be cleaned thoroughly before the other bubble group are able to come into contact with the equipment

What can parents do to help?

It is everybody's responsibility to help prevent the spread of the virus with parents being no exception.

If you or your child exhibit any symptoms of COVID you should not leave your house for any reason and certainly do not come to camp. 

If you have displayed any symptoms it is imperative that you let us know as the bubble group affected may need to also self isolate if instructed by the government track and trace department. We would get in contact with them and wait for guidance to be issued.

If your child developed syptoms whilst at teh camp we would require a family member to come and collect the child.

Whilst waiting the child would be in a large well ventilated room with a member of staff at all times as well as access to a seperate toilet facility whilst waiting to be collected

If the test comes back negative for COVID then the child would be able to rejoin the camp.