FALL 2023

Super Star Sport are able to provide after school, fun based sessions across a wide variety of activities and sports. Our unique coaching team have a number of qualifications which enable them to coach a diverse number of sports.

As well as fun based sessions, we also can provide more organised and structured clubs. These structured clubs are often within a sport that the school may compete in across the borough, for example basketball, football and athletics. These clubs help develop the children’s skills further in the chosen sports and also assist with the competitive element of sport. Our specialist coaches can help prepare the team for within school competitions as well as competitions between other schools.


We also offer a wide range of exciting clubs including:

  • Spy Club

  • Discovery Club

  • Brazilian Soccer School

  • Archery

  • Construction Club

  • Netball Club

50+ Sports Clubs  Run Per Week

2000+ Kids Coached  Per Week

250+ Certificates Awarded Per Week

150+ Calories Burnt  Per Session

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